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Thanks to the Nirdosh for existing! ;)


Eliminate nicotine addiction. Recommended


It really works good system to replace normal cigarettes


I had already quit smoking but I missed the gesture. The taste is very good and fresh.


Good substitute for cigarettes. Pleasant taste especially for the aroma of mint and certainly not as harmful as traditional cigarettes.


I smoked for over 40 years, trying to stop several times without ever really succeeding. Nirdosh is the cigarette substitute, he saved my airways. He convinced me to try it because it is based on Ayurvedic herbs, today I thank that choice!


Great product, I was an avid smoker (40 cigarettes a day and tried everything to quit) and I succeeded with the program in considerably reducing the quantities, smoking even less cigarettes than those indicated in the nirdosh method. Now it is the second week that I use it and I have the certainty of being able to stop smoking permanently. Improve the mood and general well-being of the body.

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