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Non-smokers live an average of 7 years longer. Do you want to quit smoking?

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Why choose Nirdosh over other methods?

Why can't you quit smoking? We'll explain it to you here

The desire for a cigarette is triggered by habits, stress, mood swings, driving hours, smoking companies ... mechanisms that are difficult to eliminate all at once. That's why 40% of those who try to smoke fail within a week: just a day, a fight, a glass too many ... raise your hand if you've never tried to stop! Thanks to Nirdosh, you can take your cigarette to your mouth whenever you want, without worrying: that's why the fallout is so low!

Stop smoking in 13 weeks: this is Nirdosh's challenge!

How do you do it? Simple: by gradually replacing industrial cigarettes with Nirdosh, made from 100% natural herbs. This phase lasts 7 weeks, following a personalized path that you will receive via email based on your habits. The following weeks will also serve to decrease the number of Nirdosh, until you completely free yourself from the addiction.

The lowest fallout rates!

With Nirdosh you will stop smoking ... by continuing to smoke! You will not have to give up your ritual cigarette after lunch: all you have to do is gradually replace cigarettes with Nirdosh, made up of herbs that in combustion release essential oils beneficial for the oral cavity.


Great product, I was an avid smoker (40 cigarettes a day and tried everything to quit) and I succeeded with the program in significantly reducing the quantities, smoking even less cigarettes than those indicated in the nirdosh method. Now it is the second week that I use it and I have the certainty of being able to stop smoking permanently. Improve the mood and general well-being of the body.



Stop smoking on February 2018

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I smoked for over 40 years, trying to stop several times without ever really succeeding. 

Nirdosh is the perfect substitute for the cigarette, it has saved my airways. 

He convinced me to try it because it is based on Ayurvedic herbs, today I thank that choice!



Stop smoking on April 2019

The other methods for smoking cessation are based on drugs - on the effects of which one could speak at length - or on mental games of ... difficult application. Here's what you can read on other sites that sell smoking cessation methods:

- If you are in a group with others who smoke, change company

- Do yoga in the morning instead of smoking (or alternatives: drink water, play sports ...)

- In the car sing at the top of your lungs to avoid smoking

- Take a massage or a relaxing hot bath if you feel like smoking

We swear it's all true! it would be great to have the desire and the time to do an hour of running every morning or do meditation ... but we all know that it is not always possible. Before changing friends, singing in cars, learning yoga, try a much simpler thing: replace cigarettes with Nirdosh.

Nirdosh herbal cigarettes leave their gestures unaltered and replace tobacco and nicotine with addictive herbs, while ensuring a rich, intense and full-bodied taste that will appeal to even the most avid smokers.

Why are they better than electronic cigarettes?

Want a reason to prefer the Nirdosh method over electronic cigarettes? We’ll give you three:

- Gestures: with electronic cigarettes (whose absence of health damage is yet to be proven) you will have to painstakingly create a new habit, instead Nirdosh exploits just the dependence on gesture to replace industrial cigarettes.

- The Ingredients used to make Nirdosh cigarettes are natural herbs. No chemical additives, neither tobacco, nor nicotine, nor benzopyrene, to maintain the pleasure of making the classic "two puffs" without replacing one addiction with another... these herbs are wrapped in a leaf similar to that of eucalyptus to avoid even the burning of paper. Electronic cigarettes often include nicotine, which promotes hypertension and diabetes, and flavoring substances (also present in those without nicotine) suspected of causing health damage.

- The Nirdosh are made and hand-rolled by Indian artisans, following ancient techniques oriented to the well-being of the body and the environment, in total respect of working conditions. Who can guarantee the same for electronic cigarettes?


I eliminated tobacco and gradually also the daily quantity of Nirdosh.



Stop smoking on May 2019

How don't you risk getting fat with Nirdosh?


Good substitute for cigarettes. Pleasant taste especially for the aroma of mint and certainly not as harmful as traditional cigarettes.



Stop smoking on March 2018

Many tell us: I don't want to stop smoking for fear of gaining weight. It's true: it often happens. But compared to other methods, a correct use of the Nirdosh program will allow you to quit smoking without increasing by just one pound. In fact, the cigarette ritual is often replaced by bringing snacks and candy to the mouth... to then start a diet, making the goal even more difficult! How frustrating is it? With this method instead you will replace the cigarettes with the Nirdosh with herbs, maintaining the gestures that you well know. You will not therefore have the need to "vent" on food!

On the contrary: quitting smoking will allow you to have whiter teeth, brighter skin, feel better with yourself and others!

Is it better to feel fit or addicted to nicotine?

If you prefer the first one, then ...

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