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Normally, tobacco-related texts begin by listing the harms of smoking and the benefits of quitting. . We believe that this approach is now dated.

The damage caused by smoking, the number of deaths it causes, the deterioration in the quality of life, are now known and proven facts. If you came here, it’s because you decided to quit smoking: you just need to find a method that works. Maybe a natural, economical method, without the need to take drugs or change lifestyle habits.

It is from these premises that the Nirdosh method was born.

But does the Nirdosh method really work?

We have been on the market since 2005, and in these 15 years we have conducted a long research on the effectiveness of our method. A survey among Nirdosh users confirms our tests. 87% say they have stopped smoking industrial cigarettes – or dropped dramatically. Less than 5% of those who stopped in the last six months started again later.

I often ask smokers who are facing a path of overcoming addiction what the main obstacle is, the situation that puts at risk – in their opinion – missing the objective. Almost always the answer is “the fear of not making it”. After, long after, the problem of withdrawal symptoms, the fear of gaining weight, and other “ghosts”
(Biagio Tighino, former President of the Italian Society of Tobaccology, Aiutare a smettere di fumare, è più facile di quanto pensi (se sai come farlo), Verona, 2018)

Considering that 50% of Italian smokers die prematurely due to a disease caused by smoking (World Health Statistics, 2017), this result fills us with pride and pushes us to make the Nirdosh method known to more and more people.

But how was it possible to achieve this goal?

We will explain it to you immediately.

How instinctive is it to bring the cigarette to your mouth? It can be a gesture you love: after coffee, at the end of a dinner, during a chat with friends.

It can be a gesture you love: after coffee, at the end of a dinner, during a chat with friends.

It is proven: the smoker develops an addiction not only to nicotine, but also to the act of lighting a cigarette, bringing it to his mouth and inhaling the smoke. It is an automatic, instinctive gesture: how many cigarettes are lit up more as a ritual than a real interest in smoking?

Only 3% quit smoking on their own, 80% start again within the first week

Replacing industrial cigarettes with these herbal cigarettes meant maintaining gestures, then replacing nicotine with a selection of beneficial herbs.

In order for it to work, the aroma had to be pleasant, intense. So, the recipe was decided: asking a large number of smokers for advice. Many alternatives to smoking are in fact created by people who do not smoke and do not understand the true tastes of smokers. We, however, as ex-smokers, started from this: create a herbal cigarette that could be different, but pleasant, for those who smoke.

Furthermore, it was necessary to develop a precise method: how many Nirdosh cigarettes do you smoke? When? For this reason we have created a test to create a personalized program, absolutely necessary: improvisation is the first cause of failure among those who try to quit smoking.

Adding all the ingredients (gestures, pleasant aroma, beneficial herbs, personalized program) the results have been unbelievable.

Do not you believe it? Take the test and try. We will refund all unused packages to you if you don’t achieve your goal.

Motivation alone is not enough, I have to feel like I can really do it

Non-smokers live an average of 7 years longer. Do you want to quit smoking?

If your answer is yes, then…

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