We all know that quitting smoking can make you fat. The reason is psychological: instead of handling a cigarette you grab some food. The mind tries to compensate for the psychological fulfillment of the cigarette with sugars.

If you are on a diet, or are concerned about gaining weight, quitting smoking can be scary. It’s normal. There are many people who prefer to put their health at risk with smoking rather than risk putting on a few pounds.

Getting fat leads us not to like ourselves in front of the mirror, and to fear not to like others. But smoking in the long run risks doing much more damage to health.

If it is true that psychologically smoking helps because it speeds up the metabolism (and therefore you have the impression of losing weight), it is also true that the cigarette is very bad for your health because it can also lead to serious problems in breathing and circulation.

Until now, an overweight person who wanted to take care of himself had to choose between two options: either lose weight, or quit smoking.

Among other things, following a diet is never easy, because it requires an iron will. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or are on a more drastic diet, you will know that having to give up food is a tough fight. And quit smoking, too. Succeeding in both companies at the same time seems too tough a challenge.

The smoker who is afraid of gaining weight is usually found in a vicious circle:

The act of lighting a cigarette may seem like a pleasant habit that calms and relaxes the nerves, but it is not the solution.

Quitting smoking without gaining weight? With Nirdosh it is possible!

The mind works like this: I replace the desire for a slice of cake with something else. The point is: with what? Not with the industrial cigarette, no doubt.

There is a better alternative.

Nirdosh 100% natural herbal cigarettes are the solution you are looking for, because they give you the opportunity to stop smoking without gaining weight while continuing to stay focused on your goal of losing weight. Or at least, not to buy any.

The Nirdosh are cigarettes without tobacco, without nicotine and without chemical additives. They only have natural ingredients, such as basil, turmeric and licorice. They taste a balsamic and very good taste.

With Nirdosh you can keep the habit of lighting a cigarette and in this way you can fight simultaneously on two fronts:

You won’t have to open the refrigerator to compensate for the cigarettes you don’t smoke, just turn on a Nirdosh. Nirdosh is the only way to quit smoking … by continuing to smoke! And without gaining weight of a pound!

In fact, Nirdosh contains medicinal herbs such as basil, cinnamon, licorice and turmeric and offers you a program specifically designed to quit smoking in 13 weeks.

In this way you do not stop suddenly and your efforts to lose weight will not be in vain.

Try Nirdosh and cross your double goal of losing weight and quitting smoking without gaining weight!

How to make a personalized smoking cessation program

On our website you can create a smoking cessation program customized according to your habits and your lifestyle

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