Nirdosh herbal cigarettes with filter


The filtered cigarette is the best choice for those who smoke industrial cigarettes. Softer, hand-rolled, registered as a Medical Device and exceeds rigid quality standards.

It has a rich and balsamic taste, it maintains the gestures unaltered and it is composed only of natural ingredients.

The safety data sheet and the smoke test made in Italian laboratories are available.

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100% Naturals

Herbal cigarettes are made only with natural ingredients

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Have solved the addiction

Data based on a survey of people who have tried Nirdosh

Join the over a thousand brave people who chose Nirdosh to quit smoking! In a recent survey, 87% of our customers said they either solved the problem of smoking or limited it significantly.

Absence of paper In combustion, the industrial cigarette paper releases at least eight harmful chemicals. We wanted to avoid burning the paper: the Nirdosh herb mixture is wrapped in the Tendu leaf, which is similar to eucalyptus.

Pleasant taste We did not want to replicate the taste of traditional cigarettes, but we wanted to create a product recognizable by its character. The smoker is linked to a certain smell and taste, so getting used to the new aroma may not be automatic: the first puffs will be a "study phase", but the data tell us that those who try Nirdosh find it a pleasant taste; we have many customers who continue to smoke Nirdosh occasionally only because they are in love with the aroma.


Great product, I was an avid smoker (40 cigarettes a day and tried everything to quit) and I succeeded with the program in significantly reducing the quantities, smoking even less cigarettes than those indicated in the nirdosh method. Now it is the second week that I use it and I have the certainty of being able to stop smoking permanently. Improve the mood and general well-being of the body.



Stop smoking on February 2018

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Used to improve digestion and promote respiratory health


Considered an excellent antiseptic and antioxidant, it is used as an anti-inflammatory of the digestive tract and antispasmodic


Known as a germicide; it is known to relieve coughs, colds and congestion


Antiseptic and refreshing properties. Antiseptic and refreshing properties. Cinnamon is a good detoxifier and has a natural purifying action


Antioxidant and fungicidal, cloves can be beneficial in case of toothache and gingivitis


Anti-inflammatory of the oral cavity, similar to eucalyptus leaves

Trachyspermum ammi

Purifying, useful in removing toxins and kidney pain thanks to its spasmodic action

Commiphora Mukul

Helps lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels

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