Nirdosh herbal cigarettes without filter

The filterless cigarette picks up the Indian beedi. Less soft than filter cigarettes, it is more intense and
herbaceous, persistent in the mouth. It is usually preferred by those who make cigarettes by hand.
Registered as a Medical Device, it exceeds rigid quality standards. The safety data sheet and
the smoke test made in Italian laboratories are available.



Natural ingredients

Made only with natural ingredients

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87% Solve addiction

Data based on a survey submitted to those who have tried Nirdosh

F. A. Q.

Studies conducted on samples of smokers indicated that the most effective time to replace industrial cigarettes with Nirdosh is 13 weeks. It may be that you need more or less time, you will realize it easily, but at least in the first few weeks we recommend that you follow the program because having a clear and rigorous method can make the difference between being able to quit smoking or fail. The main cause of failure is precisely to follow improvised methods.

Of course, you can continue to smoke Nirdosh over 13 weeks, being composed only of natural ingredients; there being combustion we recommend to limit its use to a maximum of 3 cigarettes a day, in the long term. In fact, it is advisable to keep Nirdosh in your pocket especially when you are more at risk of starting smoking again (due to stress, poor diet, evenings with friends …): in the moments when you are more inclined to take a cigarette to your mouth , this must be a Nirdosh, otherwise you risk throwing away months of work.

The Nirdosh bidi do not contain tobacco, nor benzopyrene, nor any form of chemical additive. They do not even contain nicotine, so they are not addictive. Visit the “greedy” section to find out what the Nirdosh are made of

No, Nirdosh does not contain drugs, it is composed only of natural herbs that release essential oils in combustion. If your doctor prescribes it, you can associate Nirdosh with the more classic smoking cessation medications. But our challenge is to make you quit smoking with a 100% natural, economical, simple and sustainable method

In case of pathologies of this type, ask your GP for advice before buying Nirdosh.

During pregnancy it is advisable not to smoke in general. Obviously smoking a Nirdosh has effects not comparable to industrial cigarettes, so if you really feel the uncontrollable need for a cigarette, better a Nirdosh. Ask your GP for advice.

Nirdosh is registered as a tobacco substitute medical device. Currently the legislation provides that this type of product must necessarily carry this writing, like industrial cigarettes. This is a purely bureaucratic issue.

The Nirdosh bidi are produced in India, hand-rolled according to traditional craft methods. In India, smoking bids is a gesture that belongs to culture and tradition. The ingredients are selected and guaranteed according to European standards, both in the raw materials and in the processing methods.

The Nirdosh bidi have a balsamic, slightly herbaceous taste. According to our surveys, most smokers like them. But keep in mind two things. The first: at the beginning, if you are used to the taste of the industrial cigarette, you will have to get used to a new taste. We have not tried to “mimic” the taste of cigarettes, we have created a product with its own identity to remove traditional cigarette use; at the beginning it will seem strange to you, but at the end of the program you will hate the taste of the industrial cigarette! Second: it is not our intention to replace one dependency with another. Nirdosh is not born to make you smoke bidi with herbs all your life, but to make you quit smoking. So, if you are not convinced by the aroma, it is even better: it will be easier to abandon Nirdosh at the end of the program, that is, with the goal achieved: you will have stopped smoking, this is what counts.

The ingredients are the same, the experience of use changes. If you normally smoke industrial cigarettes, buy Nirdosh with filter. If you pack cigarettes with tobacco and paper, try the filterless ones. Those with the filter are the most sold, they have a fuller and balsamic taste.

If you have bought several nirdosh packages and you have reached the goal of quitting smoking, or you do not like the taste, you can send back packages that are still intact and we will refund them, excluding shipping. This is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

The numbers say this: in a survey done on our site, 87% of those who tried Nirdosh quit smoking or structurally reduced the number of industrial cigarettes smoked. The figure of which we are even more proud regards relapse rates: less than 5% starts smoking again. How did we do it? Keeping a Nirdosh in your pocket allows you to overcome the darkest moments, when the instinct to bring a cigarette to your mouth becomes more pressing.

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