Maybe not everyone knows that the electronic cigarette…

If you are looking to quit smoking you will certainly know that one of the most popular methods is the electronic cigarette.

This all points to the fact that at the moment of ignition it does not carry out a combustion, but heats a liquid which is then vaporized.

Traditional cigarettes burn paper and tobacco by releasing a series of chemicals that are dangerous to health, however in the electronic cigarette this does not happen and therefore many believe that it does not hurt.

Too bad that a 2019 study by the World Health Organization denies it: “It is not true that they are less harmful than conventional tobacco products,” says the WHO. Source

Have you ever wondered why you can’t quit smoking?

There is essentially only one reason: nicotine. This is a psychoactive substance, which is therefore addictive.

However, the electronic cigarette still contains nicotine (although in a lower percentage), therefore it does not completely eliminate addiction.

Furthermore, some studies have developed the hypothesisthat even the heating of some substances is bad for health, even if they are not burned.

In conclusion, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but they do not completely eliminate the damage that smoking causes to the respiratory tract and heart.

Do you think an alternative method does not exist? You are wrong…

Nirdosh, the new way to quit smoking without nicotine

After all, if you think about it to eliminate smoking addiction, the most logical thing to do is eliminate nicotine.

100% natural Nirdosh cigarettes are an innovative method to quit smoking because they do not contain nicotine, but only medicinal and beneficial herbs such as

Nirdosh offers an effective 13-week program with which you can gradually quit the habit of smoking by replacing regular cigarettes with herbal ones.

Research conducted on the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette has shown that only 20% of people really quit smoking while the majority resume almost immediately. With Nirdosh, on the other hand, the relapse rate drops to just 5%.

This is due to the strength of herbal cigarettes: gestures. Electronic cigarettes are more uncomfortable to hold and in addition they work with a battery that needs to be recharged. They therefore need the development of a new habit, which can be uncomfortable.With Nirdosh you can instead keep the comfortable gesture of lighting a cigarette and holding it in your hand, deceiving your own vice with a healthier cigarette.

Do you want to know a reason to prefer the Nirdosh method to electronic cigarettes? We give you four:

How to make a personalized smoking cessation program

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