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Do you know what is in an industrial cigarette? Normally only 3 chemicals which are harmful to the body are indicated: nicotine, tar and tobacco. Perhaps you don't know that in reality a cigarette is composed of almost 4 thousand chemicals: of these 412 are toxic and another 39 are carcinogenic. Therefore, it is so important to stop smoking.

Some examples? Benzene, a petroleum derivative; formaldehyde, used in embalming processes; arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cyanide ... and more: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, ammonia.

Can you imagine the damage every single cigarette is doing to your body?

This is why we created Nirdosh: natural ingredientsrolled into a Tendu leaf; a plant similar to eucalyptus. The recipe was created to combine the properties of the individual components with the full-balsamic taste that is so appreciated. No chemical additives, zero nicotine, zero tobacco. Breathe in nature!

Discover Nirdosh's ingredients below ...

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Used to improve digestion and promote respiratory health


Considered an excellent antiseptic and antioxidant, it is used as an anti-inflammatory of the digestive tract and antispasmodic


Known as a germicide; it is known to relieve coughs, colds and congestion


Antiseptic and refreshing properties. Cinnamon is a good detoxifier and has a natural purifying action


Antioxidant and fungicidal, cloves can be beneficial in case of toothache and gingivitis


Anti-inflammatory of the oral cavity, similar to eucalyptus leaves

Trachyspermum ammi

Purifying, useful in removing toxins and kidney pain thanks to its spasmodic action

Commiphora Mukul

Helps lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Do you want to quit smoking?

If your answer is yes, then ...

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