100% natural ingredients.

They are not addictive.

They contain only natural herbs.

95% of those who follow the Nirdosh program quit smoking.

Your heart will thank you.

Quit smoking in 3 months.

How many times have you said "this is my last cigarette"...And then it was never the last?

How many times have you said “this really is my last cigarette”…And then it was never really the last?

Quitting smoking is not easy, we know. Overcoming nicotine addiction may seem like a difficult obstacle to stem, we understand. But with Nirdosh it is possible. Smokers have habits and gestures that are difficult to abandon and it is these psychological factors that are the most difficult obstacles to overcome.

In this regard, Dr. Fabio Lugoboni, director of the Addiction Medicine department of the Verona Polyclinic, believes that gestures are the central element to take into consideration when you want to quit smoking.

Every smoker, in addition to the addiction to nicotine, also develops an addiction to the gestures of lighting a cigarette and bringing it to the mouth. It is a mechanical gesture. Many cigarettes are lit more as a ritual than for a real desire to smoke. With the Nirdosh method it will be easier to quit smoking because it maintains these gestures for 13 weeks.

"Will I get fat if I stop smoking"

And how many times have you used it as an excuse to postpone the decision to quit smoking until Monday?

Now no more excuses. It is true that nicotine is an anorectic substance that sends the brain a feeling of satiety and that therefore quitting smoking can lead to weight gain. But we are talking about 1.5 kg. This is an increase that can be easily lost with physical activity and a controlled diet.

So you wonder why so many people you know gain weight so dramatically?

It is a psychological factor. It is a gesture that replaces another gesture. Instead of accompanying the cigarette to the mouth, food is accompanied. And food – often high in calories – is consumed to make up for the time that was previously used for smoking.


  • Drink lots of water and herbal teas to make up for this time.
  • Avoid alcohol and limit your coffee intake.
  • Try meditation or aerosol therapy.

Quit smoking in 3 MONTHS


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LynphaVitale is the shop where we have brought together a selection of natural products, sourced from ancient traditions, to provide you with simple and effective tools for well-being.


Discover the plan to quit smoking with the Nirdosh method.

Buy Nirdosh, in addition to the plan to quit smoking, you will also receive advice on how to deal with any moments of weakness due to nicotine withdrawal


They contain only 100% natural ingredients.

They are not addictive.

Plan approved by the Polyclinic of Verona.

Frequently asked questions

Together with the product you will also receive the plan

A study was done on a smoker sample which indicated 13 weeks as the time needed to quit smoking with the Nirdosh method.

Sure, but in moderation. Nirdosh are composed only of natural ingredients, however, as there is combustion at the time of ignition, it is advisable not to exceed 3 Nirdosh per day in the long term. The advice is to always keep them in your pocket especially when you are exposed to situations that can lead you to start over as moments of stress or evenings with friends.

It does not contain tobacco. It is not addictive as it does not contain nicotine.

No, it is composed only of natural herbs that release essential oils when burned.

In these cases, you should stop smoking right away. And before buying Nirdosh you need to ask your doctor for advice.

You should never smoke during pregnancy. Smoking a Nirdosh has effects that cannot even remotely compare to industrial cigarettes. If you really feel the irrepressible need for a cigarette, ask your GP for advice.

The legislation provides that this type of product must carry this warning, like industrial cigarettes, because there is still a combustion and therefore there could be effects on the lungs. However, they have a great advantage, which is that they are not addictive as they do not contain nicotine. Nirdosh is a transitory tool that allows smokers to give up an unhealthy habit. The risks generated by its use, limited in time, are small when compared with the benefits deriving from quitting smoking.

They are produced in India, hand-rolled according to traditional artisanal methods with ingredients that meet European standards, both in raw materials and in processing methods.

They have a balsamic, herbaceous flavor.

Those who have tried Nirdosh have either quit smoking or have significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked. The data we have collected also confirms that the Nirdosh method works. 95% of those who adopted our method have quit smoking. Keeping a pack of Nirdosh in your pocket allows you to overcome those moments when the instinct to bring a cigarette to your mouth is unstoppable.



It purifies the respiratory tract and facilitates digestion.


Antiseptic and antioxidant.
It is an excellent anti-inflammatory of the digestive tract.


Relieves coughs, colds and congestion.


Excellent detoxifier.
Purify the body.


Antioxidant and fungicide.
Prevents toothache and gingivitis.


Similar to eucalyptus leaves.
Excellent anti-inflammatory for the oral cavity.


is a purifier.
Removes toxins and relieves any kidney pain.


Lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  • Nicotine

  • Tobacco

Traditional cigarettes contain around 4000 chemicals of which 412 are toxic and 39 are carcinogenic.

Some examples?

Polonium, benzene, arsenic, cadmium, cyanide, ammonia, carbon monoxide.

You would never buy food that contains these substances, so why smoke them?


Win nicotine addiction with Nirdosh

Stories of people that have quit smoking

Excellent product, I was an avid smoker (40 cigarettes a day and I had tried everything to quit) and I managed with the plan to significantly reduce the number, smoking even fewer cigarettes than those indicated in the nirdosh method program. It is now the second week that I am using them and I am sure that I will be able to quit smoking permanently. They improve my mood and general physical well-being.

Mario P.

Great taste. I hope they help me quit smoking completely. Now I’m at 3 Nirdosh a day. And nothing else.

Francesco S.

Only 3% quit smoking on their own.

80% of those who try to quit smoking start again within the first week.

95% of those who follow the Nirdosh method stop smoking altogether.

Every extra cigarette you smoke damages your body.

We created Nirdosh to find a solution for those who want to quit smoking but can’t.

The Nirdosh contain only natural ingredients rolled in a Tendu leaf, plant similar to eucalyptus.

This full and balsamic taste is highly appreciated by those who have already used Nirdosh. Enough of chemical additives, nicotine and tobacco in the lungs.


You quit smoking in 3 months. And earn 7 years.

The Ministry of Health says so.


Who is Nirdosh for?

Have you used different methods to quit smoking without ever succeeding?

Try Nirdosh

Are you afraid of gaining weight if you stop smoking?

Try Nirdosh

Do you want to stop ingesting all the poison contained in cigarettes, but the psychological factors of gestures and experience are difficult to give up ?

Try Nirdosh

NIRDOSH A natural way to quit smoking.

The Nirdosh are prepared following an ancient recipe of Indian Ayurvedic medicine based on herbs and vegetable leaves.
They do not contain harmful agents for the body, but only essential oils that are not addictive. S
lowly introduce Nirdosh into your life and at the same time decrease the use of cigarettes.
By following our plan you will be able to quit smoking forever in just 13 weeks.


  •  Blood circulation and blood pressure return to normal levels
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Improven quality of life
  • Physical appearance improves, whiter teeth and younger skin.
  • Your heart will thank you.

Here are some tips that you will find within the plan.
Smokes Nirdosh as his first cigarette of the day. Avoid situations that you know could lead you to light a cigarette. Drink plenty of water and cleansing herbal teas. Walk a lot. Play sports. Avoid or limit the intake of alcohol and coffee. Try meditation or aerosol therapy with Palo Santo essential drops.