Hi, I’m Marco Cavina, owner of Herborea Srl.

Nirdosh is a registered trademark distributed exclusively in Europe by Herborea srl, a company based in the uncontaminated Sillaro valley and which has a sales network of over 250 sales points throughout Europe.

During my long journeys I met stories, rituals and knowledge that gave rise to natural remedies for everyday problems. In India I met the bidi, herbal cigarettes that allowed me to quit smoking.

Until that day I was the classic heavy smoker: I often exceeded the pack a day, and every occasion of stress was good to bring a cigarette to my mouth.

Then I discovered the bidi, and my life has changed. At first laboriously, then in an increasingly natural way, I replaced industrial cigarettes with herbal cigarettes. Everyone told me that I wouldn’t have made it, but I knew it depended only on me. And in Nirdosh I found the decisive help.

Once the recipe for the European market was optimized, I tried to understand if this solution could help other people too. To do this, I turned to Dr. Fabio Lugoboni, a luminary of the subject. Hence the collaboration between Herborea and the University of Verona.


of those who tried the Nirdosh method solved the problem of addiction


people who tried to quit smoking with the Nirdosh method


the number of Nirdosh packages sold in the last year

Today, finally, studies confirm that bidi with herbs are a precious help to stop smoking: as I did, you can do it too, and those around you.

Would you like to tell us your story? Come and visit us! Twenty years ago, when it was born, Herborea made the founding elements of well-being and respect for nature. Find us here, immersed in the Sillaro Valley: why not meet each other in person? Every ex-smoker who abandons the cigarette thanks to the Nirdosh, for me is a great victory. And you are more and more numerous, we are now talking about hundreds of people!

Non-smokers live an average of 7 years longer. Do you want to quit smoking?

If your answer is yes, then…

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Nirdosh® is a registered trademark owned by Herborea s.r.l. | VAT 03402991206 reg. 02/10/2014 at the Bologna Companies’ Register – Share capital € 88.500 Fully paid | RE no .: BO 516489